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What Is Customer Focus and How to Improve It

There’s no denying that millions of companies do their utmost to ensure that customer focus is their number one priority. Although this sounds good on paper, if not implemented in the right way, the approach could fall the first hurdle.

What Is Customer Focus and Customer Orientation?

Customer focus is not only important for the journey the customer makes when making a purchase, but it also allows you to attract and retain more customers in the long run.

Customer orientation is effectively about meeting the long-term needs of a customer. This can be done in several ways, but the end goal is to put the customer’s wants before that of the business. This contrasts with a sales orientation, where targets would only be made in relation to turnover.

To ensure a business is fully embracing customer orientation and putting customer focus at the forefront, it will need to take some steps to achieve this in the right way.

Ensure All Employees are Aware of Expectations

There’s nothing wrong with pro-active employees, but it’s important that each person that deals with customers know what is expected when speaking with customers. Although there can be teething problems when introducing a strategy for the first time, there’s no reason as to why it can’t be fine-tuned moving forward.

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Take Advantage of Information

Just as customers are important to a business, so too is the information they leave behind.

The information could be found using customer relationship management software, or from real-time feedback on social networks.

Although a business may not meet a customer’s expectations first time around, taking time out to listen to issues and putting a resolution in place highlights how important the customer is.

Alternatively, you may have realised that some elements of the website are difficult to use, and some tweaks have made the experience easier for customers.

Focus on Retention as Well as Acquisition

If a customer has a positive experience with a business, they will normally remain a customer for the long-term. However, some businesses can make the mistake of only focusing on acquisition, with any offers or discounts not being available for current customers.

The use of data allows businesses to build customer profiles that consist of so much more than an email address and a phone number.

This ensures that as well as marketing to a customer using the information, the business can also take note of any problems the customer may have faced during the experience.

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Artificial Intelligence Can Take Care of the Smaller Details

Customer expectations are high nowadays, and with so many companies rallying to capture potential customers, it’s important that expectations are met.

Messaging a company is a popular way of checking opening times or asking about reservations. However, dealing with these queries manually means that there are some customers who could be waiting longer than others for a response.

Many may not even know it, but Artificial Intelligence plays an integral part on many platforms, including e-commerce sites and social media networks.

Normally witnessed in the guise of chatbots, Artificial Intelligence can offer all forms of advice automatically, meaning that more complex queries can be dealt with promptly.

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