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Robot Chat: Your Best Sales Agent

Robots are taking over! 85% of communications with customers will be dealt with by robot chat by 2020. If you’re not getting ready by now, you should be. Robot chats are completely transforming the landscape of e-commerce. Robot chat can help you in unique ways during part of your customer journey, such as:

  • Building excitement around a particular product, release or period.
  • Drumming up enthusiasm for a product that a customer has noticed and perused over (often left in the shopping cart)
  • Shortly after a completed purchase to increase anticipation for the item before it arrives, which people can be tempted to share.
  • Get immediate feedback on delivery, or tempt the customer into UGC such as a review or spreading the word

Popularity is increasing

Marketers are continually refining robot chats. We will see vast enhancements over the next few years as people continue to use and build on the technology. The schematics of robot chat technology are developing to become a natural and regular part of life. Soon, they will be useful in many aspects of life. However, they will be specifically useful in the world of sales.

Robot chats are analogous to the sales funnel

If you’ve been reading about marketing for a while, you’ll know about the ‘sales / purchase funnel’. It’s a marketing device used to describe the customer’s journey, beginning as a lead and ending up as a regular client. The journey begins as wide and speculative, but ends up more specialised, but free flowing – much like a real funnel! Studies prove robot chats to be very effective at turning the prospect into a customer by summoning up interest and alluring them into making a purchase. Using the funnel analogy, this is mid-way through the journey.

The journey doesn’t end with the purchase. After the user has completed the shopping, a bot can take care of all of the post-purchase business, saving you time and money. However, let’s look at how a bot can ensure your customer’s journey through the sales funnel is a smooth and productive one.

  1. Top of The Funnel: Here, what’s important is enticing your customer in further to your product or service. You can programme bots to complete tasks such as marketing email pushes, engaging with customers while they’re on your website and sometimes (non-obtrusive) pop-ups. There are many options for increasing engagement.
  2. Middle of the Funnel: A crucial part of the journey, this is where all the purchasing and exchanging goes on. Here, your bot is best placed to see that everything runs smoothly. The robot chat can contact customers to be certain they are happy and can identify difficulties before they come up. They can also provide individualised results for each customer.
  3. Bottom of the Funnel. At this point your customer can be doing one of three things. They could be finalising their payment, leaving items in the cart and not buying, or looking for information about postage. You can schedule your bot to contact users with personalised information relating to their purchase. You can use it to suggest complementary products, extend a coupon for a discount on the abandoned item and forward personalised tracking.

Robot chats don’t leave anyone behind

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Robot chats and automation don’t get distracted, confused or have lapses of memory. They can make sure you’re not leaving any customer behind, no matter what stage of the funnel they’re at. Chats are enormously adaptable to whatever platform they’re on, and whatever your audience requires. You may be concerned that a robot doesn’t provide that familiarity that a human does, but new research is proving that people don’t expect to have deep conversations with the interlocutors. Adopt a robot chat today and see your customer service results improve significantly.

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