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Online Help Chat: A Game Changer for Your Business

How’s your customer service? One of the most important parts of business is high quality customer service. Not only is it essential in the retention of customers but also happy customers are invaluable in spreading the word about you. Many believe there is no form of advertising better than word of mouth. It has an amazing ability to expand your business. Likewise, poor customer service spreads negative opinions very easily and effectively. Online help chat is one of the best ways to get the word out.

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While e-commerce is a very common part of everybody’s everyday lives, it still requires an element of trust from the user. Increasingly, e-commerce websites are introducing live chat support features built in. The result is that the real-time support offered to customers instils confidence in the shopping experience. Furthermore, live chat is known to increase conversion rates, increasing the possibility of a purchase being made.

An Aberdeen Group report has discovered that live chat is far and away the more desirable option for consumers to communicate with a company, especially in contrast to other channels of communication. Another study, by the American Marketing Association, found the likelihood of a customer making a purchase after a live chat was increased threefold in comparison to customers who don’t use the chat service. However, you need to really know your market before you introduce the chat blindly.

Which type of customers could benefit from online help chat?

There are two groups of customers that use online help chat.The first group are potential customers.
This group generally use a live help chat service to:

  • Find specific information about a product such as its dimensions or the way it is used.
  • Locate an item on a website that they’re unable to find.
  • To measure the differences between products in order to help make a decision.

The second group are returning customers who might have queries or problems. They might need to:

  • Check the status of a delivery
  • Inquire about the returns policy in place
  • Register a complaint, make suggestions, or point out when something isn’t working.

All of these situations have an enormous effect on sales. Over 38% of online customers chose to buy the item in question after speaking with an online representative. Your representatives play an enormously important part in generating sales if they are specifically trained to achieve these goals. Additionally, Live Chat programs offer the ability to get instant analysis both digitally and directly from the customer. This is particularly helpful for seeing problems affecting multiple customers, often from the perspective of the customer.

When and how to offer chat?

  1. Try not to be too forceful when attempting to sell a product. People instantly become wary if they know they are being sold to. Instead ask questions of your customers that guide them to the product you think they need.
  2. Don’t just launch into chat invites on the home page. It is often far more useful to offer them further along the sales process. For instance, when the customer is on a product or cart page and appears to need help. Much in the same way that walking into a store to be instantly pounced upon by over-eager staff can be off-putting.
  3. Knowing this, pick the right places to be assertive. Positioning yourself as available for help while a customer is wavering over a product can be very effective.
  4. Ensure your questions are context based; it shows a personalised interest in them and what they’re potentially purchasing.
  5. In the likely scenario that your customer doesn’t want to talk, make sure you offer them an easy way out. A very visible ‘X’ is a good way to do this.

Allow them to feel at home

A versatile online help chat can convert browsers into customers and improve customer service by offering an online experience closer to physical, brick-and-morter shops. 44% of customers have said that a website offering a chat service, where their questions are answered in real time, is to them one of the most important services available. It helps people feel more welcome when you establish trust early on.

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