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Chatbot Engagement Strategy: Opportunities and Key Points

The Internet has transformed consumer expectations. Providing around-the-clock service at the click of a mouse, consumers now expect companies to be ready and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For instance, a recent survey suggested that 63.9% of consumers thought that businesses should be available via instant messenger apps. Meanwhile, nearly half said their preferred method of communication with a business was messaging app. Otherwise known as ‘response entitlement’, this tendency reinforces the notion that companies should be able to respond no matter the time or location. Leaving customers waiting can seriously impact a brands reputation – and now, it means the difference between conversion and churn. Therefore, companies need to develop a robust consumer engagement strategy.

Although these imperatives might seem like a tall order, there is a solution: chatbots. Unlike human agents, chatbots are always on – so even when the customer service team are away from their desks, chatbots are always there to help.

With artificially intelligent customer service agents, businesses can respond to customers instantly, answering questions, processing orders, and passing inquiries on to human agents when needed. However, most crucially, your customers want to engage with chatbots. Whilst traditional engagement strategy pushed products to passive consumers, chatbots draw them in. Below, we discuss how to drive engagement with artificially intelligent customer service agents.

4 way to enhance your business engagement strategy with chatbots

The modern consumer is far more comfortable using automated systems. Whereas once people were skeptical about artificial intelligence, now, their preference for messaging apps drives them towards chatbots. What’s more, these programs are becoming smarter, faster, and more personable. As a result, chatbots present the perfect opportunity to enhance engagement strategy. With the ability to deliver highly relevant, personalised and timely content, chatbots are an important route to greater engagement – and with greater engagement, comes more opportunities for conversion. Below, we detail the four key benefits of chatbots.

  • Initiate timely conversions. Today, consumers are very familiar with online chat platforms. What’s more, businesses can now integrate chatbot programs into popular messaging apps like Facebook Messanger and WhatsApp.
  • Influence a planned marketing program. Multi-stage marketing programs are a great way of driving consumers through the sales funnel. Chatbots provide a great way to initiate and influence these sequences.
  • Deliver relevant messaging. Whilst interacting with a chatbot, consumers are exposed to additional promotional material. For instance, chatbots can upsell and cross-sell products and services or marketers can integrate advertising into the chat.
  • Learn more about your clientele. Chatbot programs are an excellent facility for capturing customer data. With a chatbot, you can analyse conversations to determine behaviour, intent, and consumer attitudes.

Chatbot engagement strategy: Getting started

When it comes to engagement strategy, the benefits of chatbot programs are clear. However, when a business embarks on a chatbot initiative, they should ensure the program is tailored to the needs of their customers. Therefore, management needs to identify important KPIs and how they intend to define success. For example, what constitutes an engaging experience for your audience? It’s unlikely that their idea of engagement is filling out a form; therefore, businesses need to ensure their chatbot is responsive, personable and memorable. Further to this, it is essential that marketers consider how to encourage consumers to interact with their bot. For instance, companies need to think about how they brand their chatbot; does it have a name that suggests a human, empathetic exchange? With the proper strategic approach, companies can create bespoke interactions to drive customer rapport – which is essential to loyalty.

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