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Operational Performance: Continuous Improvement with AI

Ooperational performance

We’re always looking for ways to improve operational performance. The question is: how? Take a look at some of the newest and highest performing companies in the world right now. Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb and Uber all market different products. However, what they have in common is a shared focus on analytical strategy and a foundation […]

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Robot Chat: Your Best Sales Agent

robot chat

Robots are taking over! 85% of communications with customers will be dealt with by robot chat by 2020. If you’re not getting ready by now, you should be. Robot chats are completely transforming the landscape of e-commerce. Robot chat can help you in unique ways during part of your customer journey, such as: Building excitement […]

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5 Ways Chatbots Can Improve Sales

how to improve sales

Sales are the foundation of business – so the question “how can I improve sales?” is at the forefront of every CEO’s mind. The Internet is awash with tips, quick fixes, and suggestions on how to drive sales – however, in an era of continuous and rapid change, most of these become irrelevant seemingly overnight. […]

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What Everyone Should Know About Sales Prospecting

sales prospecting

Sales prospecting is the search for the best way to find and engage with potential customers that we want to turn into actual buyers. However, don’t get prospecting confused with selling, it is only the first step in your sales technique.

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