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Customer Perception of Chatbots: Is it Human or Machine?

customer perception

Most businesses are waking up to the novelty of chatbots. Businesses and media understand them to be convenient, cost-effective and productive. However, do the general public view them differently? What is the customer perception of chatbots? Are they aware of whether they’re talking to a person or a robot and is it important to them? […]

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Customer excellence: Helping your model evolve

customer excellence

Customer service is changing enormously. Given the new changes brought in by the Age of the Customer, profitable business requires you to cause a revolution of management. Technological advancements are heralding a movement towards customer focus, results, analytically-based choice and workflow, automation and a deeper ecosystem foundation. While 80% of customer service operations can now […]

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Process Excellence: Why AI is Key to Success

process excellence

What is process excellence? Process excellence is the way a business can look at how to improve their worth, both created and delivered, principally for customers. It involves improving organisation, capability and success. Process excellence is this and more, however. It is about establishing a system whereby staff understand how the company creates worth, and […]

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Productivity Improvement and Other AI Advantages

productivity improvement

Every customer wants to know more, and every company asks “how can I keep up with demand?” The question can end at adopting AI, the ideal solution to ever increasing budgetary demands. Artificial Intelligence reduces the need for expensive personnel at the same time as increasing customer satisfaction and independence. Figures from the Gartner report […]

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