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Marketing Strategy Development: How to face AI challenges

marketing strategy development

Unfortunately, many people fail to properly understand the marketing strategy development potential of AI. This lack of understanding affects the rate at which it is taken up. It also has another unusual effect: 40% of business owners already believed they were using AI. This failure to understand the possibilities of AI therefore lead to the […]

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Brand Innovation: When AI Drives Marketing Effectiveness

brand innovation

There’s no limit to the way AI can help with brand innovation. Brand innovation began with being able to predict popular tendencies in business. It is about being able to be where the customer is going to be. Now, AI increases the scope of what’s possible by analysing past trends and anticipating future ones, automatically. […]

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The Types of Innovation that Artificial Intelligence In Makes Possible

types of innovation

All innovation has a common starting point: a vision. To create a truly disruptive concept, businesses need to imagine how they can drive improvement in unconventional ways. Today, companies are exploring different types of innovation through technology, with the objective of cutting costs, driving productivity, and boosting revenue. For instance, 38% of business executives have reported […]

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Chatbot Engagement Strategy: Opportunities and Key Points

engagement strategy

The Internet has transformed consumer expectations. Providing around-the-clock service at the click of a mouse, consumers now expect companies to be ready and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For instance, a recent survey suggested that 63.9% of consumers thought that businesses should be available via instant messenger apps. Meanwhile, nearly half said their […]

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