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What Is Customer Focus and How to Improve It

customer focus

There’s no denying that millions of companies do their utmost to ensure that customer focus is their number one priority. Although this sounds good on paper, if not implemented in the right way, the approach could fall the first hurdle. What Is Customer Focus and Customer Orientation? Customer focus is not only important for the […]

How new technology is transforming retail marketing

retail marketing

Retail is undergoing a technological revolution. Augmented reality, social media, and digital wallets are just a few technologies that are changing the way we shop. These new technologies have been developed in response to changing consumer expectations. Now, customers expect their shopping experiences to be personalised, integrated and responsive. For example, research conducted by Wunderman […]

Customer-centric marketing: Putting the customer at the core

The contemporary consumer increasingly demands a fully personalised, seamless purchase experience. In response, industry leaders are deploying customer-centric marketing strategies. A customer-centric approach empowers marketers to target particular customer segments with greater accuracy, allowing them to adapt communications to each segment’s particular affinities, preferences, and behaviours. As a result, businesses can deliver marketing content to […]