The impact of text bots on banking, real estate and healthcare

text bot

Are you looking at ways to increase customer retention? We know it’s hard whatever size your business is, but the technology of text bots has had enormous successes in three high-demand fields. Despite what seems like constant demand for these three industries, they all still need to keep a keen eye on customer retention.

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Incremental Innovation: Your AI Key to Competitiveness

incremental innovation

As innovation increases, the rate of innovation increases alongside it. Market forces continue to battle each other with new innovations designed to outdo each other, at a similar rate. Therefore, many companies regularly focus on breakthrough technologies which arrive into the market with great fanfare. The eagerness of consumers ensures the success of these products. […]

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How a Smart Bot Can Make Your Workforce More Productive

smart bot

A smart bot, or chatbot, is an artificially intelligent system that learns from experience. These programs are often built to simulate human interactions. Typically, chatbots are used in dialogue systems for practical purposes like customer support or FAQs. Many smart bots use sophisticated natural language processing systems – however, there are also simpler bots that […]

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Chatbots for Your Marketing Strategy: PDF to Live Chat

marketing strategy pdf

Today, instant response is an essential aspect of marketing strategy. From the development of your marketing strategy PDF to implementation, the speed of service should be at the forefront of your approach. This is because one of the most important aspects of UX today is real-time communication. According to research, over half of consumers expect […]

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