The Different Types of Artificial Intelligence and Their Benefits

types of artificial intelligence

The term artificial intelligence was coined by American computer scientist John McCarthy in 1956. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the simulation of human intelligence by computers or machines. These processes may include identifying patterns, reasoning, or learning. In our new technological era, the possibilities of AI are sparking curiosity across industries. With the greater volume […]

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The Future of CX: Human and Virtual Agent Symbiosis

virtual agent

Once upon a time, consumers dreaded encountering a virtual agent. From call centres to very early chatbots, customers came across unreliable voice response systems and digital agents that could only respond to very specific questions. Often, this was frustrating for customers and counterproductive for businesses. In contrast, today’s artificial intelligence technologies are more context-rich and […]

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The 4 Most Important Chatbot Metrics to Track

Over the last two weeks, we have worked with the awesome people at Botanalytics to put together a list of the key metrics to track for any chatbot. Botanalytics is a company which provides an analysis tool to help improve human-to-bot interactions and conversational UI through data. In this quick read, you’ll find a break […]

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A Guide to AI Chat and Your Business

It might sound like sci-fi future tech, but a chatbot is a reality in business today.  It is a computer program that is capable of mimicking conversation with people using artificial intelligence.  Your customer clicks to contact you and asks a question that is constantly asked of your company. The computer program then offers a […]

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