Marketing Strategy Development: How to face AI challenges

marketing strategy development

Unfortunately, many people fail to properly understand the marketing strategy development potential of AI. This lack of understanding affects the rate at which it is taken up. It also has another unusual effect: 40% of business owners already believed they were using AI. This failure to understand the possibilities of AI therefore lead to the […]

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Operational Performance: Continuous Improvement with AI

Ooperational performance

We’re always looking for ways to improve operational performance. The question is: how? Take a look at some of the newest and highest performing companies in the world right now. Amazon, Netflix, Airbnb and Uber all market different products. However, what they have in common is a shared focus on analytical strategy and a foundation […]

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Incremental Innovation: Your AI Key to Competitiveness

incremental innovation

As innovation increases, the rate of innovation increases alongside it. Market forces continue to battle each other with new innovations designed to outdo each other, at a similar rate. Therefore, many companies regularly focus on breakthrough technologies which arrive into the market with great fanfare. The eagerness of consumers ensures the success of these products. […]

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Customer excellence: Helping your model evolve

customer excellence

Customer service is changing enormously. Given the new changes brought in by the Age of the Customer, profitable business requires you to cause a revolution of management. Technological advancements are heralding a movement towards customer focus, results, analytically-based choice and workflow, automation and a deeper ecosystem foundation. While 80% of customer service operations can now […]

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