How AI can help business to action data management principles

data management principles

As it stands, we generate over 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day – and this estimate is only set to get bigger. All our online activity creates data, from emails to Tweets, Facebook posts to Google searches, and even mouse strokes. Within this data lies a wealth of rich insights that can help businesses […]

How new technology is transforming retail marketing

retail marketing

Retail is undergoing a technological revolution. Augmented reality, social media, and digital wallets are just a few technologies that are changing the way we shop. These new technologies have been developed in response to changing consumer expectations. Now, customers expect their shopping experiences to be personalised, integrated and responsive. For example, research conducted by Wunderman […]

A guide to AI chat and your business

It might sound like sci-fi future tech, but a chatbot is a reality in business today.  It is a computer program that is capable of mimicking conversation with people using artificial intelligence.  Your customer clicks to contact you and asks a question that is constantly asked of your company. The computer program then offers a […]

The tools you need to create a winning sales strategy

sales strategy

Every company strives to make as many sales as possible, whether they are providing a product or a service. By and large, dynamic marketing content, short sales cycles, and return custom are the key to boosting revenue. However, they don’t appear out of nowhere – the majority of the time, they’re the result of a […]